Pro-Care is the best, most reliable and trustworthy office, medical, churches and other facilities cleaning company. Our services are available 7am- 8pm 6 days per week. We clean before, during or after business hours 1x per month/week or everyday of the month. Pro-Care Janitorial Services never overlook cleaning schedules and simply provide the highest quality service. For the past 28yrs, no workerscomp or theft claims and we get it right 99.9% of the time. Our clients are serviced using green products, clean white rags, the best professional heavy-duty equipment and most of all a professional staff with many years of experience. Pro-Care Janitorial Services is awarded Federal, State, Homeland Security, DEA, City & County Facility Clearance Status, we clean the most secured areas and we are a drug free workplace. The header says it all, Simply Gainesvill’e Best! By the way, we still clean the first contract we signed in 1987 today! (StorterChilds Printing Company) Consistency, Quality, Dependability, and Professionals Services is what we are all about. Pro-Care Janitorial Services “Since 1987”