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Are you looking for top-class commercial cleaning services in Gainesville, Florida? Pro-Care Janitorial Services is your one-stop destination for all cleaning tasks. Here you get high-quality commercial cleaning to keep your space shining, germ-free, and attractive.

We all know cleaning is an obvious task to enhance the hygiene and visual appeal of a place. Whether you want to clean your warehouse area, healthcare unit, store, restaurant, corporate place, or factory area, we aim to support you with intense janitorial services as per your specifications and expectations. To provide you with a hygienic and clean environment, our staff members use green cleaning practices and safe materials to take care of your health and environment. 

Discover a range of commercial cleaning at competitive prices

You all know that places with high traffic, such as stores, schools, offices, healthcare centers, airports, and others, get germs and dirt excessively. As a property owner, your foremost task is to hire professional cleaning services to maintain the aesthetic appeal as well as the hygiene of the place. As industrial cleaning needs immense expertise, cleaners should be trained and certified with enhanced knowledge of environment-friendly cleaning, how to use modern cleaning devices, and how to satisfy clients exceeding their expectations.

As the best commercial cleaning company in Gainesville, Florida, we offer a range of industrial cleaning services. Whether you want to hire our team for cleaning your corporate house or a medical unit, we provide the mentioned services:

Floor cleaning needs immense expertise. May you have a hardwood floor, marble flooring, or your floor is made up of tiles, stones, and grout. To make your flooring look beautiful and clean, we provide top-grade industrial floor cleaning services in Gainesville, Florida. Our technicians know how to take the best care of your flooring materials without stains, cracks, or other damages.

Vacuuming carpets in industrial areas is a regular task as carpets get maximum footprints, thus germs. Take virus cleaning services and prevent your space from deadly viruses and germs. In this COVID-19 pandemic, people need cleaning services more desperately. Carpet cleaning is a very vital part of professional cleaning. Our staff members not only vacuum the carpets but offer intense carpet cleaning services for enhanced germ protection and safety.

In any commercial area, furniture and upholstery are the most infected surfaces as people touch them frequently. Tables, chairs, cabinets, closets, drawers, file holders, doorknobs, switchboards, and remotes are mostly used objects. Regular disinfecting and cleaning can keep these surfaces disinfected. To prevent germs and diseases, call our trained cleaners for the latest Corona Virus cleaning. To beat infections and diseases, virus cleaning has become very popular in industrial areas.

A clean building creates a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Janitorial services refer to regular cleaning, such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, trash removal, disinfecting, vacuuming, and more. When you are with our professional team of cleaners, you have the best janitorial services in Gainesville, Florida. We can provide customizable janitorial services with your specifications, budget, and time.

Clean windows contribute a lot to your business reputation. We conduct thorough and high-quality window cleaning services and enhance your image to your clients. We use environmentally safe products and modern cleaning equipment for window cleaning, including blinds, curtains, and frame cleaning.

For customizable commercial cleaning programs, call our team.